The Baron Hotel Karbala

The Baron Hotel Karbala

The Baron Hotels International required services to increase brand awareness and generate quality leads using digital marketing platforms. 

The Brief:

The Baron is a true haven of serenity and sophistication in the vicinity of Karbala, located just a few minutes’ drive from the holy shrines. The Baron is at the cultural and social epicenter of the community, where historic, world-changing events occurred, and where special occasions are celebrated. 

Their main objectives were to increase brand awareness and generate quality leads through digital marketing efforts. Here’s how we helped The Baron Hotels International.


We took the challenge head-on by focusing on developing strategies that included quality content, ideas, and creative work. We knew the most effective way to reach our audience would be through creating campaigns that would get into the mind of customers and demonstrate their  value in a credible and relatable way, aiming to increase brand awareness, engage audiences, and generate sales qualified leads. 

We utilized multiple digital platforms, including Google Search and Display Networks. The audience was tracked and re-targeted on all platforms. The campaigns achieved a whopping success for ‘The Baron Hotels International’ and, the volume of the leads significantly increased by approximately 800 percent.