The main objective was to increase e-commerce sales.

The Brief:

Reell is a pan-European clothing brand now available in Pakistan, offering extensive collection and designs. Reell is on a mission to create new authentic products that aim to redefine the culture of street-wear fashion, inspired by young urban communities, extreme sports, music, and art. Reell was looking for services that would allow its social media fans to engage with the brand and generate e-commerce sales through new and repeat customers.


Digikal Media, with an efficient targeting strategy, ran a highly focused conversion campaign on different platforms to engage desired leads and convert them into potential sales, which also included the creation of quality content, ideas formulation, creative work to keep the audience engaged and also to retain them for a longer period ultimately resulting in making them a loyal customer. We succeeded in maximizing the ROAS by achieving 9X returns on the Ad spend for them!