Their main objective was brand building by increasing brand awareness and generating qualified leads.

The Brief:

Ignition is a professional car detailing company, providing services for all types of vehicles in Karachi, Pakistan. At Ignition, they employ the advanced techniques, technology, and the utmost attention to the details that brings the best results in every time you render their  services. 

Ignition wanted an idea that would engage its social media fans and potential customers and generate qualified leads. Moreover, Ignition was looking to increase brand awareness for the services they offer using Digital Marketing.


DigiKal was up for the challenge and did comprehensive multi-platform research on the needs of people looking for authentic and reliable car detailing. We ran a highly focused campaign to engage desired leads, which also included quality content, ideas, creative work, and to keep the audience engaged with constant optimization and a targeted approach, we succeeded in generating 200+ sales qualified leads in less than 20 days!