Their main objective was to generate qualified leads.

The Brief:

BazarBee is on a mission to empower and equip the underprivileged artists by enhancing their skills to represent their local products to the international markets. BazarBee aims to connect the unconnected artisans to the local and international markets by not only providing them with a marketplace but also effectively marketing them, hence helping the artisans to extract the actual profits of their products.

BazarBee was looking for services that would allow sellers to join their online marketplace and support them in their mission to take Pakistani products internationally while connecting them to potential buyers. 


DigiKal Media was up for the challenge and did comprehensive multi-platform research on the needs of people looking for an authentic platform to sell their products internationally without involving the middle man, and the people staying abroad in dire need to purchase products reflecting Pakistani culture. We ran a highly focused campaign to engage desired leads, which also included quality content, ideas, creative work, to keep the audience engaged.

We succeeded in acquiring 500+ vendors in just 10 days, which also means that we gave 500+ vendors an authentic platform to sell their products internationally, through BazarBee.